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    usb mic

    Hi all just a quick question is it possible to get a usb mic from a ps2 working on the wii usb port or is it not supported any info would be great just my kids are doing my head in about singing games lol.

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    I have a mic that works fine that I use to have for my PS2. The brand I have is Namco. Hope this helps!

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    A USB mic is a USB mic. There isn't anything special to make them work on a specific system or not. A mic that came with RockBand for PS3 worked just fine on the Wii. My son also used it on my laptop to record a podcast with me last week.

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    thanks toby 1978 for the info +1 m8

    also thanks to llaffer for the ups as well +1 m8
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    sorry about the late reply but it works well


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