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Thread: need help with dios mios on my launch night wii

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    need help with dios mios on my launch night wii

    I've been installing the latest versions of Dios Mios, but no matter how I load my gamecube games, whether its CFG, USB loader GX, or even on the wii's menu interface, the screen will go black, and will stay that way until I manually restart the wii. Do I need to un-install and re-install DM? Wii games will load from my HDD just fine, it's the GC games that are giving me trouble. If anyone knows how to install DM on the earlier systems (if there's a difference), I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get.

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    Which version of DM did you install, and which versions of loaders did you install?

    How did you prepare the files installed on your hard drive? (rip from disk? or used a program to massage the .iso?)

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    32kb cluster size and updated loaders, dios mios is only for earlier wiis anyway as it requires gc controllers.

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    Questions of this kind go in guides, if such a guide is available. There are in fact a few. Please read and follow, and should questions present -- then ask in the relevant guide you're following. For your benefit:

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