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Thread: Help needed with my Wii possibly bricked!!!

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    Help needed with my Wii possibly bricked!!!

    I have just plugged my daughters Wii in for the first time in 12 months and it powers up but nothing appears on the screen. I have tried another Wii to rule out a faulty cable or tv and this works fine. It has a Sunkey Lite chip fitted which was working fine last time it was used. I'm not sure if my daughter has tried to do an update and this has caused the problem. Can it be fixed or is it doomed? Also if it can be fixed are there any guys on here that can fix them or is it easy to do by myself.

    Cheers for any help guys.

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    Moving this to the Bricked section, where there's a better chance of receiving help from a brick expert. Good luck.

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    Did you know if you had Priiloader installed? If you are not sure, try holding the reset button while booting your Wii to see. If not, do you know if you had BootMii installed as boot2 or IOS? How many times does the light flash when you boot the Wii?

    Can you sync you Wii Remotes to the Wii?

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    It sounds like hardmod only (if so, there'd be no Priiloader). OP can look here for guidance. Please don't give youtube links.


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