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Thread: can i play elder scrolls 1 and 2 with dos emulator?

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    Us can i play elder scrolls 1 and 2 with dos emulator?

    Am very new to this. First off wish I did more research before moding. Got suckered into giving some sean fisher some of my hard earned money for what appears to be free software. kicker was it didnt even work. Then I ended up finding letterbomb and hear I am.
    Was wondering if possible to put elder scrolls 1 and 2 onto memory card (or usb drive? external harddrive?) and play on hacked wii? Also would elder scrolls 3 be compatable? would I be able to use a controller for those games? Thanks for your time and help.....

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    Thank you for the useful link. Hate to be a bother but will elder scrolls 1, 2, or 3 work on any of the pc emulators?


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