Official Nintendo Magazine is teasing a world-exclusive look at a new game in its February issue.

The publication's teaser is accompanied by artwork depicting pipework and engineering, sparking rumors that a HD port of Resident Evil Revelations is about to be announced for Wii U, Nintendo Insider reports.

"Are you scared? You should be…" the teaser reads. "World Exclusive! The first look at a stunning new game."

Resident Evil Revelations debuted on the 3DS early last year and has since been outed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 under the moniker of Resident Evil Revelations: Unveiled Edition.

Primarily taking place on an abandoned cruise ship, the game was widely praised for its traditional survival horror gameplay.

It was also one of the first 3DS games to take advantage of the 3DS Circle Pad Pro, which added another analogue stick to the handheld device.

Trailer for Resident Evil Revelations below.