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Thread: USB Loader GX - missing cover art...

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    USB Loader GX - missing cover art...

    Is there a setting that needs to be changed to get the cover art to be presented correctly? I've downloaded the cover art but even though it says 4 were missing there is a lot more than that when scrolling through my games.

    Any guides for setting up USB Loader GX?


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    reinstalling it ?

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    sometimes, cover downloading is not complete.
    be patient, try again

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    I've tried a couple of times and all it says is 4 are missing but when viewing in list mode there are a lot of blanks. USB Loader GX seems to be a little flakey, the Wii has locked up a couple of times requiring me to pull the plug to get any response from it..

    Reinstall only USB Loader GX?

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    I did a resintall on USB Loader GX, I'm still trying to determinse if that worked.

    Can anyone tell me why there are 2 different "USB Loader GX" on the Wii channels and what the differences and how to tell them apart?

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    1. u might have installed two wads of GX channels. may be different graphics but of the same GX version. you should know by using it.
    2. continue to have problem downloading game covers ? try to use CFG usbloader. or WiiFlow. leave GX alone.
    3. file construction for game covers is the same for CFG, WiiFlow and GX. you can copy and share it among the loaders, if u like.

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    I went ahead and deleted both channels on the Wii assuming the correct one from the SD card would load but it didn't.. argh!

    So, I misunderstood what the SD card was for... I thought it loaded the channels on the Wii. I've got the app pack v4 on my SD card but now I don't have my USB Loader GX.

    Anyone help someone mentally challenged..?

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    Figured out I needed to reload the WAD, thanks.


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