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Thread: NEW to Wii / WiiU Scene - Questions - Best Vulnerability ??

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    NEW to Wii / WiiU Scene - Questions - Best Vulnerability ??

    I am new to the entire scene, I have a Wii U and did accept the initial update on Christmas day. What vulnerability should I be using to install the HBC? Looks like many of them require an investment in a game disc. Sounds like I need load HackMii w/ HBC 1.1.2. Safe to assume that BootMii allows you to load backup discs and it is not available on the WiiU at this point? Please help with these first few questions and I will continue reading.

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    At this point you will need to use a wii game exploit to hack the virtual wii. At this point you can play backup wii games from th vwii but not backup wiiu games. The wiiu has possibly also been hacked, but this is not yet released or utilized for any backup purpose. If I had a wii-u I would avoid any further updates at this point if possible just to be safe, possibly updates could fix vulnerability on wii u.
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    Backup in case of problems

    If I install the HBC on the Wii U, the best way to ensure that the video game will not die is using the BootMii and making a backup?

    Currently it is not possible using the BootMii WiiU, right? It's reliable play some games on Wii U through HBC? No risk of damaging the Wii U?

    If by chance the Wii U no longer work because of HBC.. has some way to go back to factory settings? That is, have any way to recover/relive/fix the video game?

    What precautions should I take before attempting to install the HBC?

    Thank you in advance for answering all my questions


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    Hmm, any reason you can't be bothered to start your own thread, instead of posting in someone else's and remain unnoticed to those who would otherwise be more likely to notice your new topic.


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