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Thread: Games refuse to load from HDD, some crash some freeze...

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    Games refuse to load from HDD, some crash some freeze...

    I got a new hard drive to put games on for Christmas and I transferred everything over with seemingly no problems. I used the WBFS Manager to extract each ISO one by one from my old hard drive and then put them each on the new one. I had 67 games, so I did this 67 times. Since then, I have bought a few more games that I have in turn put on the new hard drive as well. These games, the newer ones, work fine; no problems there. The older ones however, are giving me a hard time. I haven't tried every single one yet, but I have tried to load up a few, and they either freeze during the boot process (just after "IOS(249)/IOS Reload: Blocked" stage, which is right before the game would normally load) or crash to a black screen while booting and a wave of white text floods the screen. I'm using ConfigUSB Loader v70 with a WD 2TB My Passport HDD by the way. Now, my question is, is this a hard drive issue, a game ISO issue, or an IOS issue? I have tried updating/reinstalling things in accordance with the "Softmod any Wii" guide three times and it hasn't worked yet. Can anyone shed light on the issue here?


    Edit: I checked through all of the games, it seems the 67 that I transferred over refuse to work. I've tried different loaders and the problem persists. Is there any fix besides re-ripping every single game? I.E., if the ISOs are damaged, can I check/repair them?
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    Hey, seven signz, What format are you using for your Hdd. As I see you mention WBFS manager, CFG loader setup ? I use Wii Game manager and a FAT32 setup. you can plug both drives in.Open the files Which ever format they are stored in. ISO,Wbfs, or on a WBFS formatted drive. there are optiost to move,copy recreate ISO image. Have a look through the manager you are using it may all be there aswell.
    Check the file directory of your working drive. If it is all ok you may have a clone drive setting in your manager just copy the whole lot over.

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    The HDD is formatted to WBFS. The manager program I use doesn't have a "recreate" option or anything like that, just "Extract ISO." It's kind of bare bones. Also, it does have a clone option, but I didn't find it until I was done doing everything one by one, so missed opportunity hah. Would I be able to convert it to FAT32 without losing all the games or corrupting them further? I've heard really good things about Wii Game Manager and believe it to be superior to what I'm using. Lastly, since the drive is formatted as WBFS, I can't access it via My Computer to check the directory and make sure everything's there. Or were you talking about those steps from using Wii Game Manager to check it out?

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    Yes, you can convert it to fat32 without the lost of any info or corruption.Link->WBFS2Fat

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    Okay, so I did all that. Got Wii Game Manager to work and everything. The only thing I can do it seems is create an ISO from the game file already on the drive. This file doesn't work, so it just shoves me in circles. Is it at all possible that when moving the games to my new hard drive, they got corrupted some how? If this is so, I should start the long process of re-backing up every game as soon as possible.

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    I had the exact same problems when I went through the exact same process you described.

    The only way I could get them to work was to delete them from the hard drive and re-rip them from the game disks again from the USB Loader. Then they worked fine.

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    Alright then, I'll get that process started. Thanks a lot to everyone for taking the time to help me out, I really appreciate it!


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