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Thread: Configurable USB Loader -Help-

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    Question Configurable USB Loader -Help-

    I downloaded a theme but the theme is not "applied" meaning it says in the theme setting that the current theme is the one I downloaded but it's still the same default way it looked before. To be specific I downloaded DarkUmbra 2011. I checked the sd path and it is as it should be SD:/usb-loader/themes/darkumbra2011. Any suggestions ?

    Also when I change the way it displays the game titles and then come back to it when I want to play again and open up Configurable usb loader it's back at default. I never see a save button or save settings button to click. Is this the way it's suppose to be or should it keep my changes?
    how can I delete the theme? maybe something went wrong.I can't find an option for that
    I did notice when I downloaded the theme and it installed it flashed some screens while installing just saying what it was doing at that current time but then it got to were it said 100% and nothing else happened,got stuck/frozen you could say and I pressed A and everything else but nothing happened so I just rebooted the Wii
    And sometimes some of my backed up games don't show up or they show up and then just disappear. But if I back out to HBC and then launch the loader again they show up it's just kinda annoying that I have to exit and re enter again to play a game.

    Updated the loader to v70r50
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    Hi Dude, I think you have to change the theme setting in the Configurator. config text file for it to reapear after shut down. I'm sure when you change settings with the GUI it defaults back if you change the config. Been away from Wii for a while but used to do lots with CFG & HDD's The configurator is in the loader settings have a look for GAF's CFG tutorial!
    Configurable Options - GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial
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