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Thread: 'kingston 8gb micro sdhc' Would this work for softmodding my wii

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    Question 'kingston 8gb micro sdhc' Would this work for softmodding my wii

    Hello sorry to bother you but i found this for a good price at 3.85 and im pretty skint im only 16 i don't like bothering people so i check stuff myself first but just incase you guys know if you think this is incompatiable could someone from UK link me a cheap but working sd card for softmodding my wii under 4 is prefferable.

    Thank you
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    It's hit or miss, most SDHC cards will not work but you might get lucky, we recommend 2gb SD because they are almost guaranteed to work.

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    Hi e1sunz, Read the site as you say you like to check things out for your self. The guides say 2gb sd because they know it works. wii is a little fussy. I am in the UK I use allsorts but I do have past experience. So If I try a different cards and they fail to read I know where to look and what to do. So the morell of the story is If you are short for cash. You can download the mod files using the WiiHacks mod any wii tutorial. Proceed and try your card If It won't read. Try a different card. A micro SD with an SD adapter ( Phone chip) may work experience is gained either way. Read Read Read again! Enjoy your wii

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    Thank you both, yes i have read nearly most threads here even re-read it multiple times to make sure nothing goes wrong and read the sd compatiability threads and wiki it did list the Kingston and said Yes on the HBMC which im thinking should work then and so i went ahead and ordered the cheap sdhc card from amazon as there are sd cards but 2gb for the same price where i can get 8gb, i did some searching in my house i found that my family camera which hardly gets used got this sdhc card Sandisk proper ones which you guys recommend 4gb it ain't sd but sdhc of the same type il check it out and as well so if this Kingston one don't work hopefully i can use this camera one Sandisk as a backup and swap the cards. Thank you very much love the stuff you guys do here i would happily if i wasn't so skint at the moment lol. Thank you again
    Just to let you guys know the Kingston memory card works 100%
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