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Thread: hackmii v1.2 and other questions

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    hackmii v1.2 and other questions

    Followed the Softmod any wii the other day. Now i noticed there is a newer hackmii. HackMii v1.2 BootMii 1.5 The Homebrew Channel 1.1.2, How would i go about upgrading it and is it worth it? The guide installed us older hackmii bootmii homebrew channel?

    I already have backups working, I tried a few disk i had and they worked fine. Details on this i have done, I installed homebrew Browser and have installed a few apps in it like ftpii, It didn't work right and i googled and installed dvdx installer 3.4 but never installed it, I was trying to get ftpii working correctly,Interestingly i was about to browse the wii via ftp (active not passive) after just downloading the dvdx installer from homebrew browser. But then i had another problem, I couldn't upload to the wii but my work around was to try to upload files to the wii then close ftpii then reopen it then it would transfer to the wii on ftpii next startup. Pain in the you know what but i got it to work. I also have a wii motion plus TR remote and no other as my wii is a brand new white wii with no gamecube support . Will be trading my parents for there old one though.

    So a few more questions is there any way to get ftpii working correctly?
    And i'm trying to find updating apps that run with wii motion plus TR wiimotes.

    Also do i need that dvdx installer i thought i read it isn't compatible in some places? Just to make clear its added to homebrew channel but i never launched it to try to install it i can't play dvd in my wii anyway.

    Trying to get all my facts strait Ps3 hacking was so much easier install cfw and some apps done.

    no one has any info? Figured someone here would know something?

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    1)Don't bother upgrading. HBC 1.1.1+ are only for vWii compatibility. It provides no benifits for the normal Wii and even breaks a few things due to the title ID change.
    2)You don't need DVDX. It's been superceeded (by HBC 1.0.7 and up).
    3)Try using the FTP server in WiiXplorer.

    Also, don't bump your posts unless it's been more than 24 hours. You know those rules you agreed to? Yeah, that's in there.
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    Sorry but thanks that is everything that i needed to know. Will remember all this Have a nice day!


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