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Thread: USB loader GX , Dios Mios , installing a game from the Wii help

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    USB loader GX , Dios Mios , installing a game from the Wii help

    So, forgive me if this is somewhere else but I looked for a day and couldn't find it/

    Ok, When I first install usb loader GX, I could install WII games right from my Wii and they would go to the hard drive
    Now I have MIOS DIOS installed and it works fine with the few games I can get working.... (that is another issue for another day)
    I have one hard drive with 2 partitions... 1st being 31gb for GC games 2nd being 220 gb for Wii games.
    Both games show up fine in GXloader
    When I click the + sign to install a game I doesn't ask me where I want it to go, does it already know or is there a setting that I am missing?

    Never ins it turns out they can just share one large hdd if it is in fat32
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