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    Us Hello community

    Hi I'm Kat, I have a Black 2011 wii softmodded with letter bomb. I run CFG because loader gx wont recognize my HDD and CFG works just fine with it. I look forward to learning how to get my Game cube iso to work on my Wii, but currently I'm just desperately trying to find the answer to how to increase the System menu pages in the SD card area from 20 to like I dunno say 50 because I would like to install all my wii ware and not have to be picky about what I have on my Wii. Apparently I fail at searching because I can't find the link to how to do this or the discussion about this and I highly doubt I'm the first person to ask this question.


    Wii black 2011 4.3u
    Letter bomb softmod
    2tb Seagate usb 3.0/2.0 compatible external hdd only 1tb of space left and size shrinking every day
    Wii mote with nunchuck
    Wii U pro controller for classic gaming

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    Unfortunately you cannot increase the number of channel slots on the menu

    You may want to do one of 2 things
    1) get USB Loader GX working (it has a GUI that mimics the Wii channels yet has no limit to the channel slots)


    2) look into EmuNAND. Here's the SNEEK/UNEEK Guide I used.

    Edit: just a heads up, your Wii U ProCon will not work with you's a Wii U only accessory.

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    and welcome to

    Thank you for becoming a member of the best wii modding site around!

    First off you need to read the
    Site rules and try your best to abide by them.
    Also You need to realise that this site is here to help you make the most out of your Wii and not to help people with piracy!

    Now we know the rules its time to find the right guide for modding your wii, I recommend the

    The Softmod Any Wii Guide by Mauifrog

    This guide works for all wii's

    And Bluphant's noobs guide - Basic introduction to wii hacking

    There are also other guides which you can find in the
    Guides and tutorials section

    Once you have completed the guide you need to ascertain if your wii is capable of playing backups via the disc drive or whether you need to be usb loading.

    Wii's post 2009 generally cannot play backups via the disc drive and have to use usb loading.

    I recommend usb loading anyway as you can add an remove your games easily and there is no wear and tear on your disc drive and no messing about with discs etc.

    What you will need to know -

    What drives are compatible -
    Usb Compatibility list

    How to set your drive up -
    Loading and Playing Wii Backup Games from USB HDD

    Once your HDD is setup and ready to go, you will need a program to manage your games!
    Checkout Peire's
    Wii Game Manager Guide

    Now your set up and ready to go, but you run in to a problem with one of your game backups -

    Bmarlo's Ultimate List of problematic games and the solutions

    Peire's Ultimate guide to music and dance games

    Now if you're a modchip user you need to get over to the
    Modchip Section

    Wiihacks also has an IRC chat room so you can get live help and assistance from staff and other

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    Multi Mod Manager guide

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    Finally if Wiihacks have helped you in any way you can help us keep helping by donating to keep us going!


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