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Thread: USBloaderGX freezes when I select a game to play.

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    USBloaderGX freezes when I select a game to play.

    Wondering if anyone can help diagnose my problem. I have a newly purchased NTFS formatted 8gb lexar JD drive. It has one game on it, Goldeneye. When I go to play the game by clicking on the disc jacket in the menu. The whole wii freezes but my pointer/cursor. But I can't press any buttons. Any help? I know this usb drive is not specifically stated on the USB Compatability list so I think this could be the problem but not sure. Thanks

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    I think it'd be best if you could test another game. It's probably best to rule that out before you do any more troubleshooting.

    That particular game seems to have issues anyway. My copy of Goldeneye causes similar problems, I just ended up deleting it rather than fuss with the glitch. But pretty much all my other games work fine.

    As far as the file system, a lot people (myself included) prefer FAT32 formatting, but NTFS should work at least initially, if for nothing more than testing and troubleshooting. Eventually you'll probably want to switch to FAT though.

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    Tried with a different game and it did not work. I tried to install wiisports using usbloadergx. The loader stated the install was 100 percent complete, then it freezed. I'm starting to think it's a usb compatability issue.

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    That could well be the case. Recently a user concluded a 64gb flashdrive wasn't compatible. It could read but not write or rip. Not all work as intended, and this manifestation you're experiencing could be yet another sign of an incompatibility.

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    Well, tried just loading by disc and it worked with a burnt copy on Neogamma. Thanks for the help. I will probably just stick to the blank disc's I have for now due to the cost of buying a different drive
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