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Thread: Problem with USB Loader GX v2.3 playing PAL games

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    Problem with USB Loader GX v2.3 playing PAL games

    So I know that this issue has been talked about a million times and I have even seen some threads on the site but I havent seen a solution. So I have one of the old white wii's and I am running the latest usb loader gx and the latest priiloader and blah blah. I used to be able to play PAL games on my wii with no problem before I updated my USB loader gx and I dont understand why. I am trying to play Xeonblade and Sonic Riders. I been playing around with the settings and nothing seems to be working. It plays when i have it on disc default and PAL 60 but with lines and flickering on the screen. and when I try to go back to the home screen my wii freezes and loses signal to the tv. Any ideas what the problem may be? I dont think my tv is the issue because I have an HDTV. Help anyone?

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    Try updating USB Loader GX, your using 2.3, it's now up to 3.0. Also when you installed the game from your disc did it reach 100%?

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    Really? I didnt know that. I tried to update it though the application and it said that there no updates available, I guess I should try looking on the internet for 3.0? And also I know we arent suppose to talk about it on the thread, but I didnt install the iso from the disc.

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    because I dont have the disc, I have the iso tho, and it has worked before on my wii, but when I updated my usb loader to 2.3 it didnt

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