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Thread: Is it safe to update my Wii U? (Softmod related)

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    Is it safe to update my Wii U? (Softmod related)

    I just got a Wii U and connected it to my Wifi.
    Every time it wants to download and install the newest system update.

    Im waiting (and hoping) for the Wii U - Softmod and im asking myself if its safe to update the system? Or if it will delay the use of a softmod because im running on a higher software version?

    Thanks for your anwers!

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    No active Wii-U softmod yet that I'm aware of. You can keep that thing with dust bunnies, or you can use it until if/when things change (absolutely no idea if that'd even happen). Only the vWii side has been softmodded.

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    Mh..I will then update the Wii U in purpose of using the Nintendo Club - Thanks for your fast reply!


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