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Thread: Priiloader Settings - *NOT* System Menu Hacks

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    Priiloader Settings - *NOT* System Menu Hacks

    I was wondering about the "stop disc" feature in the settings section. Since I have backed up all of my games to my external HDD and never use physical discs anymore, I was hoping there was some way of stopping the Wii drive from looking for a disc (and therefore stopping the drive from making a loud spinning noise) every time I turn on the Wii.

    I turned the "stop disc" feature ON in the settings and saved, although this had (seemingly) no effect since the drive still spun when I booted.

    I am on 4.1U SM (Following MauiFrog's guide to softmod and downgrading from 4.3U)

    Any input?

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    You were directed where to look in the last old thread you dredged up by myself (yes, including a link). Then --- rather than asking in a guide that bears relevance to your question --- you start a new thread. This is not a promising beginning. Please review the last thread you posted in. Then review the linked guide (that means read it). If you feel that doesn't cover the question --- please ask within the cited thread.


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