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Thread: WAD Install problem

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    WAD Install problem

    Sorry in advance for this thread, I've searched and read a bunch of threads without luck..
    Maybe I'm just blind though..

    I have a 4.3U system and I've just started the WAD installs for the "Modpack.md5, Ios-update, and Shoppin-update", I've checked and verified the sums with no problem and extracted the files on the sd card. but when I load up homebrew and get to
    -The contents of the wad folder on your sd card will appear.
    -Press 1 to batch install all wads. You will be prompted "Do you want to proceed?" Press A to proceed.
    what shows up is:
    [...] (containing everything else)
    Pressing 1 to batch install won't work and it will only let me install the Shopping update by it self.
    Is this right? or did I do something wrong? (I haven't installed anything yet).
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    It appears you didnt extract the modpack directly to your SD card. (Since you are already on 4.3 there is no need to install the IOS Update)

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    Yeah, sorry! I should have just waited to post.. I just got confused/extremely worried about bricking my wii or doing it wrong since it's my first time. It's all figured out now and everything's running smoothly, though.

    Thanks a ton for replying, I appreciate that very much! and sorry again for the inconvenience!
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