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Thread: Gamecube backups freezing using DIOS MIOS

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    Gamecube backups freezing using DIOS MIOS

    I have a softmodded wii that I used ModMii to get softmodded in the first place. I have a 500GB external with two partitions on it, one formatted using the 32KB cluster size fat32, and the other with ntfs. The first is for my gamecube games and the second for wii. I have had no issues with wii games whatsoever, but both Super Mario Sunshine and Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door freeze just a few minutes in. I have updated wiiflow to the current version (4.1) and reinstalled DIOS MIOS just in case it was botched the first time.

    They both freeze at very specific parts and it's driving me insane. Paper Mario will freeze in the underground chamber when the first star's location is being added to the map. Sunshine freezes after defeating the first paint piranha on the runway. I have tried using the DMToolbox both directions, with the RAW and optimized outputs, on both games. I also deleted the config ini files in wiiflow just in case I had screwed up some setting. What am I missing here? I know that I can play my physical paper mario disc if I get rid of dios mios, but I really love the idea of being able to play from backup.

    Edit: Not using NMM or cheats. Physical memory card.

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    Are you following the DIOS MIOS guide? If so, there a reason why you're posting here? In case you're unaware, look here. And that doesn't mean blindly ask here, only after fully reading the guide and making sure you have everything as you should. THEN ask.

    Also, do this:
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    I thought that I had followed everything in that guide already, but went back and double checked my cluster sizing just in case and discovered it was set at 16KB. No idea how I managed to do that. Going to try reformatting to 32KB, but if that doesn't work then I'm out of ideas. Thanks for the welcome!


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