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Thread: problems with updated wii channel

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    problems with updated wii channel

    thanks for the help on finding how to start a new thread, i managed to work it out,

    i have a wii that has been modded it plays downloaded wii games, i now buy the games and copy them to a hard drive so games now play through this, i use wii manager to do this for me, a while ago i needed net flix, so i had to learn how to update the shopping channel which i did no problem, got net flix up and running, Recently the kids wanted gangnam style to which i downloaded a wad for because i could not get on the shopping channel to buy it, neither works, the shop channel says i have to do a system update before i get on it, so i am confused i been searching the internet for days with no luck, so this is why i am here,

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    You managed to already post the same exact thing in the shop channel thread. Why start a new one? Stick to one. Thread Closed.

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