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Thread: Good source for roms NES, SNES ??

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    Us Good source for roms NES, SNES ??

    I have been searching for quite a bit for NES and SNES roms that can be played through emulator in Homebrew Channel on Wii ( I think thats the way it works if not correct me please ) and I haven't been successful in my search. Can someone help me in this? Thanks for your help & suggestions in advance.

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    just get VC/injected VC games =P those are the ones youre gonna play for the most part anyways

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    I've searched too.
    Anyone have a good source?

    I'd like to run the SNES9x emulator and have heaps of roms


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    It is nice to have the vc games but I have also gotten an emulater for nes and super nes and there is a site "the old computer that has almost any rom you want. I beleive I got the emulators from Demonoid but not 100% sure just look around your torrent sites I just search Wii and see what there is even if there are not to many seeders the files are not that large. I am sure there are other places to get these emulators did you already try to google wii emulators???

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    If you're looking for .smc and .nes roms go to - video games Resources and Information. This website is for sale! you have to be a member to download roms though.

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    Just about any decent torrent tracker or link site have roms galore.

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    Question sryifican'tputlinks

    rom dash world dot com.
    cool rom dot com


    I'm scared to post that link, last time I posted a link to roms on a forum I got banned... I don't see how though, as they're legal for the first 24 hours... And fully legal if you buy them. Hell, I would've never bought the Final Fantasy II original(SNES. actually V?) if I hadn't gotten addicted to the rom version.

    I don't know how you didn't get a million hits on google though. Seriously. I've found so many HUNDREDS of rom sites it's not funny, just by typing the name of the game I wanted with "Rom" in the search.

    Unless you want a copyrighted game like Mario, Kirba, Blah, and stuffs. Those're hard to find without torrents.

    ((((It's been a while since I checked out coolrom...<click... OMG -joygasm- they have Sega dreamcast isos now!>))))

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    read Jiiprah post(Part Three: Emulation)

    this is were i found all my fav games in rom form
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    Ca can i use pc roms?

    I've got a ton of snes roms and nes roms that i've emulated on my pc. Am I able to use the .nes (from the nes files) or the .smc or .srm files (from the super nes) ? If this is possible it would make my life easier. . . . . .please don't hit me admiral. . . . seem to have an iron fist for stupid questions j/k

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    roms etc.

    you can find anything here and you dont have to join I find all my stuff here - free file sharing and storage
    just look for .smc files in search
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