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Thread: Puzzler Collection Issues...

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    Puzzler Collection Issues...

    Hi just wondering if anyone else has got this game either the original or the version on mininova site??? When the games loads the POINTER hand thing moves around the screen really jerky not smooth at all its like its jumping when u move it around the screen with the wii remote is this NORMAL for this game??? PLEASE anyone who has this game comment so i can put my mind at rest

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    move back, and change the batteries

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    3.3u, D2CKey chip-mod, no problem at all.

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    Battereries are fine moved back for sure lol i've been reading up and i think that version i downloaded is scrubbed as they call it... is only 521MB and there is a version on btjunkie thats 4+GB so im gonna try downloading a bigger file version see if that helps...


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