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    Wii Sports Resort Help


    I've spent a few days reading various posts and trying to get my WII Sports Resort to work (3.2 soft mod wii) using NeoGamma R6.

    When using a USB drive to load the game all works fine, however when trying to boot from a DVD I get a "DVD Read Error 1013"

    Image was burnt to DVD-r using IMGBURN.

    Anyone know how I can get this to run from backup disc?



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    Have a look in the error index (link in my sig).
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    Thanks, I took a look and as suggested in there upgraded to neogamma R9, Still same problem, although this time it sorta recognises the disk and shows me the disk ID, then back to the DVD read error. I have burnt the ISO twice, and am using discs that I have other backups on.


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