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Thread: Help appreciated. Green screen upon loading GC game with CFGv70r50 w/ DIOS MIOS.

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    Help appreciated. Green screen upon loading GC game with CFGv70r50 w/ DIOS MIOS.

    Although I'm given the option to use Devolution, I hate having to put the original disc in each and every single time I want to play a different GC game and Devolution doesn't seem to remember that I've verified the discs when I put them in.
    While Devolution successfully runs games and is a pain in the ass, DIOS MIOS doesn't run them, but after the DIOS MIOS picture with the GameCube logo, a bright green screen appears and the system is then locked.

    Any ideas? I've looked over the options in CfgUSBLoader and everything seems to be set right, no video patches or anything, so I'm not quite sure what the deal is.

    If nothing else, can someone tell me how to correct Devolution's problem with not remembering that I've verified my games again and again?

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    Not every single time....just once...

    Each game only needs to be verified 1 time, after that it will load straight off USB, no disc required.

    Follow the Devolution guide in my sig and see if you can get it working, if not post there and I shall try to help.

    After you verify a game with Devolution it creates a .dvv file in USB/apps/gc_devo correct? If so do not touch those files or they will corrupt and that will make you need to re verify.


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