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Thread: Bricked Wii....dead sister?

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    Bricked Wii....dead sister?

    I think my sister has bricked my Wii, I was away on holiday and she tried to use it, it was working fine then she decided to have a mess about in homebrew...god knows why...anyway, I came back, black screen, tried the holding the restart button, no joy, tried the gamecube controller in port 4, no joy.
    Thing is, I hacked it aaaages ago and I've not use it for a couple of years, I can't remember what firmware it was on anything and she doesn't know what she did to brick it.

    I'm thinking she's properly bricked it, I'm thinking of buying a broken wii with a knackered drive and swapping the motherboard out....

    and strangling my sister.

    any ideas?



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    Do you recall if it has Bootmii installed? And as Boot2 or ios?


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