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Thread: Nothing displayed after "Press A to continue"

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    Nothing displayed after "Press A to continue"

    When I boot my Wii up, it comes up with the "Press A to continue" scree, like it should. After I press the A button however, it displays only a black screen. My TV sees that is still outputting this black screen, not just no output. I can boot my Wii into maintenance mode. I used the savemii flowchart (SaveMii - Wii Troubleshooting) and see that I need to use anytitledeleter to uninstall the corrupt file. The problem is, I have no idea what the corrupt file is. Would anybody have an idea as to what file is causing this to happen? Thanks in advance!

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    Download this and follow the instructions in the readme

    I would install priiloader first before you start if you don't have it installed already.
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    Alright, I'll have a go at this tomorrow and be back with an update. Thanks for the quick reply!


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