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Thread: wiiflow 4.1 issue with music????

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    Question wiiflow 4.1 issue with music????

    anyone else having a issue with music on wiiflow 4.1(background music added to the music folder) slow , distorted, didnt have this issue with the last release,

    im thinking it might be because my sd card is just about full , but I dont know

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    Do you have this problem on the Wii, or just the Wii U?
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    Huh, very good question (considering the section it was posted in). Does OP mean vWii, Wii-U, or Wii? If the latter-most, most def wrong section, lol

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    Gonna go ahead and move this because as far as I know and can imagine, wiiflow does not jive well with a wii u.

    @op, Please be mindful of where you place your posts. Look at the forum section and make certain it somehow relates to your issue. I realize this section is in its infancy, and may cause confusion for some. But we don't really need to spend alot of time shuffling posts around the forum. THANK YOU.
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