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Thread: All USB Loaders hang on install (game) - help

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    Angry All USB Loaders hang on install (game) - help

    ok. I'm getting hanging on install on ALL USB loaders. Tried a bunch of fixes.

    Ive updated to the latest versions of all of the USB loaders, tried downgrading USB loaders, tried using modded files for USB loaders, tried various formats for USB thumb drive, tried various OS's and programs to format. Tried a bunch of different settings such as: iOS 250,245,222; partition files size @ 0, 2, 4... and so on. Only 1 successful install: Super Mario All-Stars Wii. Everything else hangs - Twilight Princess is fresh out of the plastic!

    PNY 64 GB thumb drive
    all of the loaders recognize it but I get hangs on install - some games will install
    HBC: 1.1.0
    iOS 58

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    Did you use this guide to format the drive?

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    I am wide open for suggestions. Anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by klouud
    I am wide open for suggestions. Anyone?
    You might do well to answer bmarlo's question.
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    Sorry, didn't see the question.

    I used the "Hack any Wii" tutorial or whatever its called from this forum
    I tried NTFS, Fat32, Fatex, and MPSR (or whatever the native format for wii is called) the only one that really works is the native format.
    I tried the provided format guide with my Mt. Lion machine to no avail

    thanx for the help.

    it may be my thumb drive. I can play ripped games, but I can't rip them myself

    PNY Attache 64GB
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    If your drive is not on this list-->
    then it's probably not compatible.

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    thanx guys. I'll go get one of the cheapest ones on the list and try that out to see if it is in fact my drive.

    I do have a Sandisk 8GB Cruzer -- its on the list!! I'll check that out and get back to you!
    If it works then I can just rip my own stuff, transfer to PC (boo windows...), and then export to 64GB thumb drive


    Final edit:


    Issue resolved - PNY 64GB Attache thumb drive will read but not write. I now use my Sandisk Cruzer 8GB thumb drive to rip.
    I should have congruency with all saves/disks/rips!

    thanx for the help guys!!

    Issue is resolved
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