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Thread: DOP-Mii v15 and v16 will not work on my 2012 Wii - Help!!

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    Question DOP-Mii v15 and v16 will not work on my 2012 Wii - Help!!

    Hi guys!

    First Post!

    I got a Wii during the 2011/2012 holiday season (so about a year ago) and hacked it to run the HomeBrew Channel along with a host of other cool stuff.
    I just decided that it would be awesome if I didn't have to swap disks and experienced faster loading times and less lag while playing my Wii.

    I have checked out a couple of tutorials to include these:


    But when I load the DOP-Mii application, my controller turns off and I can't do anything!
    What do I do?
    Can I even mod my Wii to play games off an external thumb drive or HDD?


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    First off: I edited your post to remove the links you posted to external guides, as it is not allowed on wiihacks to link to external guides. The reason for this is that outside guides are often outdated or not of good quality, which happens to be the case here.

    From your post it seems that you want to use USB loading. In that case, I suggest you use the softmod any wii guide (link in my sig), which will set you up with everything you need.
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    I already have the HomeBrew Channel. So I am already soft modded... right?
    My controllers (Wii Motion Plus) turn off When loading DOP-Mii (any version)

    thanx for editing my post... sorry for breaking the rules.


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    HBC doesn't mean you're softmodded, nor does it mean a CORRECT softmod. The guide he suggested for you? Look for the section "Where HBC is already installed" and start there, all the way to the end.

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    I did it! Thanx guys!!

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    ok. I'm getting hanging on install on ALL USB loaders. Tried a bunch of fixes.
    PNY 64 GB thumb drive
    all of the loaders recognize it but I get hangs on install - some games will install
    HBC: 1.1.0
    iOS 58

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