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Thread: VBA GX Wi-fi Multiplayer?

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    VBA GX Wi-fi Multiplayer?

    I know they've got programs to enable this for VBA on PC, but I'm actually hoping for something specific.

    Me and a friend were banking on co-op story play on the newest Fire Emblem games, particularly that of FE: Awakening, the new one for 3DS. Since no such feature was implemented at all, and the wi-fi for the game in incredibly disappointing, I'm turning to other ways of getting such a feature. I realize multiplayer FE is a little ridiculous, but it can be fun when you're playing with friends to pass the controller around for different characters, or even in the newer games, use multiple controllers. So the main question is first off, can VBA on the Wii support multiplayer, or server-client based gameplay, through wi-fi? (Or ftp networking and PC server/client software? From my experience with FTP this seems unlikely...) I think...I already know the answer for this, but I'm still optimistic. Second question, if it has such support, would it be possible to have two people play the same game over wi-fi and "share" a controller?

    Just some speculation based on OoT and SM64 multiplayer and online multiplayer for PC emulators, or a possible future implementation.
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    First question, Tantric never added support for multiplayer.
    Second question, Not sure what you mean by this, two people on different consoles playing the same game with the same controller ? If so, no, any of the controllers can only be connected to one of the consoles at one time.

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