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Thread: Neogamma Help/Instructions?

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    Neogamma Help/Instructions?

    What I want to find out is, what are the requirements for burning a Wii ISO to a DVD-R? I'm only aware of one thing at the moment and that would be that the disc that holds the backup needs to be an R-, not a R+. I don't know what speed I need to use to burn it to the disc, or if there is a certain program that I should use. Any help, or is an R- disc all I need? Thank you for all your help!

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    Only the Wiis made before 2008 can load games from DVD. You are better off loading games from SD or USB with usbloaderGX or cfg-usbloader. I only ever used Neogamma for Gamecube games. Rip it on the Wii with cleanRip. Burn it off with imgBurn at 4x on good quality media like Verbatim or Sony. I assume you know that you need to softmod your Wii first.

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    Yes, I have softmodded my Wii and it was actually made before 2008, so that's great! Thank you very much.


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