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Thread: Bought a Modded Wii, What is What? Completely Lost.

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    Bought a Modded Wii, What is What? Completely Lost.

    I've looked trough all the forum to see what area is better to Post this hopefully is this one.

    -My friend just bought from a [unknown user] a modded Wii. The Wii works great so does the MODs that have been done to it.

    Install check list:
    -USB Loader GX
    -Neogamma R9 V47
    -USB Loader CFG

    This is what we see as soon as we boot up the Wii, we have a external HDD connected and it does play .wfsb files from it.
    Now our concern we do not know where are we standing, we dont know what cIOS, IOS or anything that is installed on it so I'm afraid to install anything on his Wii that is not compatible and brick or mess it up I dont even dare install priiloader before making sure nothing will get %#$@.

    What should we do?

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    You could just ue the softmod any wii guide to resoftmod. You don't need to worry about the fact that it is already modded: the softmod any wii guide has been designed to allow this.
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    Start by reading the faq link in my signature. It will give you a great explanation and help you make the right decisions. Following the softmod any wii guide after that will ensure that you have a properly modded up to date wii..

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    Thank you, I will read this FAQ and see about re-modding it. I just did not want to re do it since it was properly working. "Honestly did not want to mess up my friends Wii", I rather ask before i do anything stupid. Plus maybe i tough there was a way of checking all your system info before i took those steps.

    P.S. If i re-softmod would all the Original cIOS be re installed? would it come back to factory mod?

    If the answer is in the FAQ dont even answer I'll figure it out =).

    Thank you guys

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    Not sure what "original cIOS" mean. If you resoftmod, you will have what is viewed as the current-most cIOS installed. Then you asked if that would be factory mod --- there's no reason to so-called virginize your system --- overwrite, never ever erase or delete.

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    Oh exactly my point, I'm sorry to have asked a question already added on one of the Forum Tuts, what i wanted to say with Original cIOS was "since the Wii HAD been modded beforehand someone must have installed a SET OF cIOS, "Original cIOS" before I fallow to resoftmod and i wanted to know if those cIOS stay in place even after I resoftmod the wii.

    But now that you point out, overwrite it makes clear since.

    Im sorry for the confusion and thanks for the help is dearly appreciated.

    I will RE-Softmod, and install everything new as on the Tuts just to go on the safe side. Overwriting is the keyword.


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