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Thread: about admiral victorinox....

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    about admiral victorinox....

    i thought i should post this -,_-, since recently another wave of im rude and evil is starting, i would nip it in the butt..

    the main posts that make me feel this topic is important are...

    Quote Originally Posted by tocap View Post
    to admiral victorinox

    Is it just me or you are being rude to everybody. Some of us are new to this and we are politely asking for answers. It would be nice of you to answer those questions normaly instead of your usual cynical comments.

    Sincerely yours

    Quote Originally Posted by tocap View Post
    I know he's helping people, thats the purposes of this site. I'm just saying it can be done nicely. He's not smarter then everybody, the guy just know his stuff. If you don't mind it, then good for you my friend.
    i think to answer this question best, we need to do the time warp.... again *i love that musical/song xD*

    i got into hacking the wii, because i played someones wii... he had a Wiikey, and a hacked copy of Mario Kart a week eariler than the US got it. so i was playing and kicking A** and having fun.. since my birthday was like 2 days later, i decided to buy a wii for myself, and hack it with a chip! easy i know ;3

    so i got a used wii + brawl -,_-, *yeah its a old story, and i wanted a better chip than the buggy 2nd gen ones* so i was playing with megyn, and nothing would play in the disc channel -,_-, + it looked like crap, so i guess it could only run GC games *still dont know why it predated homebrew -,_-,*

    so i got a new one, and shortly after i got a D2pro v1, so i got the chip *thanks to a friend who ordered it for me* and i tried to mod it...
    worked once... killed the drive *with or without the chip*
    did this and it happened 6 times Y-Y, so i took it to a pro to install it, and it did it again -,_-, 7 killed wiis... so i got my final wii, and returned the chip... i was pressing on my friend to get a new one from him *i paid him but i dont like giving my info out* we stoped talking he had personal issues...

    back then... HBC beta 2 just came out, and homebrew channel would last like 10 mins

    so 5 months later -,_-, i got more info on tatsunoko vs capcom, and went back into the idea of hacking it, i still had my funds from the original failure, so i asked another friend got nothing, waited a bit, and about 3 weeks later i got it *wasabi V3* Cios 37, was just starting to become useful as "the only way to get megaman 9 working" *i needed it for something else and didnt know it was needed for that* so when i was getting into it -,_-, wiihacks was much different, there was much less support, and none of the guides i wrote existed, really the only guides were

    error 001
    getting mario games to work
    and homebrew channel basics

    -,_-, in 2 weeks i was doing support here, and shortly after i got JR. Moderator

    my point in this is more, if you actually put in the time, and effort back then it was more than doable to become a expert in 2 weeks, now a days theres 3 downgrade guides, i wrote several, the Faq section has 2 parts, and is actually filtered to be only guides....

    now onto what im saying is

    if people did it in the past with much less, people can do it now -,_-, and just because you dont put in the effort doesnt mean i should Y-Y

    if you got any coments twords me keep them clean but post them here, i thought i would mention that, since people seem to forget things too -,_-,

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    curious if i may ask.. how much money did you spend in total on the wii's o.O

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    170 usd =P

    i returned them all, using Various ploys xD, im obessive like that =x

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    oh wow... realy? must've been some ploy o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyanide View Post
    oh wow... realy? must've been some ploy o.O
    well, i went around with "mistress" and she helped me a bit =P Celeste said i need to get some ****ing ethics =\

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    d00d... as long as it makes you happy and it works. go for it..
    thus, i walk in your f*cken shadows. so... kudos to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    Celeste said i need to get some ****ing ethics =
    Rofl, Who is she to talk


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