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Thread: Acekard 2i and backups not working

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    Acekard 2i and backups not working

    I have two dsi xl units running the latest updates from Acekard. My problem is that two of the games have stopped loading, their icon is now a picture of a dsi. I have tried removing the games from the micro sd card via pc and dsi and installing from the original image. These games were both previously working without glitch, I feel that my young daughters have created some sort of save file or cheat file that is stored in the Acekard and is preventing a clean reinstall. Is there a way to remove all game data for a particular game or even all games loaded if need be? Games in question are DK Jungle climber and NSMB. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    It's been awhile since my kids have played their Acekard 2is. I believe you can alter settings (they always had AKAIO firmware) that may have an impact. There are also separate save files --- did you try to remove them as well as the ROM?

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    Where would i look to find the save files? I have searched the sd card on the pc, is there something in the Acekard itself?

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    Check the format named "xx.sav" they are save files.
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    no .sav files in game directory. noticed that game says that it is a program file instead of game file. it is a .nds file


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