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Thread: need help guys

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    need help guys

    softmoed my wii with modmii6.2.3 everythink is ok till i loaded neogamma r9b56 when i load the chanel up it gose back to wii menu please help on 4.1e

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    Do you have a formatted SD card in the Wii's SD slot?

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    no its got all my wads and programs that modmii6.2.3 told me to put on

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    NeoGamma is somewhat SD card-dependent nowadays. Perhaps you have a channel install, but just as likely only a forwarder. If it's a forwarder, it won't find the app on the card (if it's not there) and will return to the Wii menu. NG sort of has some associated data it also looks for on the card, I'm told (so if it's not there...)

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    what can i do please to make it a channel and work thanks

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    Does that mean you have it as a forwarder? Simply make sure the program is on your SD card if it's a forwarder...

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    ye its on my sd card in the wad file do i need to put it some where else

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    Is it a wad or an app?

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    boot.elf if any good, can u link me to neogamma 7 , had it on my old wii worked mint
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    That's old and out of date. Use this to find it. Remember it's two words, don't put it as one word.

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