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Thread: Trying to save NGC Saves from corrupt memory card

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    Trying to save NGC Saves from corrupt memory card

    Awhile back my 1019 GC memory card corrupted and with it all of my GameCube saves, some of which I don't just want to replay because I would like to keeps the dates as records of accomplishments (yeah yeah I'm weird). I refused to reformat that card and vowed that one day I'd find a way to save these files.

    Just recently I purchased Datel's GCN SD Media Launcher 2GB, my understanding was that this product can be used with homebrew software (I've had 0 knowledge of homebrew before this). I tried using mcbackup.dol which was able to let me see my files but trying to backup each one gave me an error every time.

    So then I tried GCMM 1.4 which has worked a lot better, I was able to use backup all they transferred to the SD card and I have a copy on my computer now. Now Before formatting my 1019 card I attempted to transfer a couple saves to a memory card 59. The transfer would work but going into the game would day that it's corrupted. After enough failed attempts I thought perhaps it will only work on the original 1019 and since I at least now have backups on my PC I should try and format and restore.

    During restore all I received an error about 75% of the way through saves no more blocks free, so I cancelled out to find most of my saves on the card but still had 798 blocks left. So far I've tried multiple games and the only one that seems to work is Luigi's Mansion.

    So now I'm stuck and hoping someone may have the knowledge to help me.

    Let me say again that I have extremely limited knowledge in this field so I need the help for dummies version.

    Do I need to alter these files before trying to restore them on a memory card? If so how do I accomplish this?

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    It sounds like most likely the saves themselves are corrupt and that would be awfully hard to recover. There may be a program that can do it, I'll look, but I'm afraid there is probably no chance to save them

    Of course I should also say wait for a 2nd opinion as someone more knowledgable may (emphasize MAY) be able to help.


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