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Thread: Newbie needs help.

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    Newbie needs help.

    Hi Guys.

    I bought a Wii for my 3 children to play games on, for Christmas. Being a single dad, money is very tight, and I buy, mostly secondhand games.

    I've been very interested in the option of copying games and keeping the original disks, safely way from my kids fingers.

    I have three ways of creating copies, copy the disks, copy to an old HD [I have a 80gig spare on a USB cable], or work from a SD card, but I only have a 2gig card from my camera.

    I've made a copy of Lego Batman, to test with on CD, but despite having loaded the three main backup loaders, I'm not having much luck getting anything to work.

    I have the HomeBrew Channel, and Wiiflow Channel installed, and on my SD card Usbloader GX Backuplauncher 0.3 beta, fceugx.

    Now I'm stuck, as I have no idea how to get things working properly.

    Can anyone help me please?

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    That's exactly why I finally decided to mod my Wii as well. After the third unplayable game I said "That's it! Time to go USB". Optical disc are the most ridiculous medium for games ever. Cartridges were the way to go. I recall dropping a box with my NES and a bunch of games on the railroad tracks one summer day. A few months later, in the winter, I was walking those very same tracks with a friend telling him about how I couldn't find Castlevania and I think I lost it when I fell. At that very moment, I looked over and saw it laying half-buried in the snow! Took it home, popped it in my NES, and started whipping some undead arse! Now THOSE were a darn near indestructible medium for games. Sure they may have cost a bit more to manufacture than CD's, but that only ensured that the games were of a much higher quality than they are these days. There was no room for garbage mass-prodcuded for $.05 a copy. Nothing gets me going like having to repurchase a $50 game that was sitting on shelf when someone sneezed, or the stars were misaligned, or the wind blew from the north instead of the west....Anyways, I digress...

    How did you go about modding the Wii? Did you follow the Softmod Any Wii guide from this site? If not, then don't post links to the one you used, and start over with all of the required reading in my signature. I also highly recommend using a USB drive as well. 80 GB should be sufficient for a bit, and if you need some additional space, you can always pick up a 500 GB drive relatively cheap these days. Just make sure, if you DO buy a new drive, that it's on the compatibility list. I haven't had any problems with mine, personally (also in my sig).
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    Hi BabyDaddy.

    Well, I'm glad I'm not alone.

    It's hard enough trying to keep up with the High Tech Merry Go Round, without trying to buy new games every 5 mins! I had to save hard to get a Wii for Christmas, and get all the expected presents for my three, but some how I did it!

    All my three [9,7,5] have computers, which I've built from does and ends, which other people thought of as scrap, but they all wanted a Wii, or xBox 360, but the 360 was too expensive, so the Wii was a good option at 40 quid, with 2 controllers.

    Anyway I'm way off topic.

    Like I said, I've installed the Homebrew Channel, and the Wiiflow Channel, using the installer posted here [WiiFlow_Channel_Installer_v1.1], but I have the blank cases showing, but nothing else. Clicking [start] does nothing. So something else is needed?

    The other two [24552_backuplauncher0.3_beta, and USBLoader_GX_V2_3_AllinOnePackage_IOS249] don't seem to do anything. I can see them in the Homebrew Channel. So there is something missing?

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    I found the SoftMod readme and I've got everything working!

    Many thanks to all you guys who have made these mods.

    Hats off to you all!


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