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Thread: Problems with a GH 3 custom

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    Question Problems with a GH 3 custom

    Hey guys!

    One of my GH customs is acting up. The game in question is GH 3 Custom: My Chemical Romance Edition. The game is NTSC, so i converted it and took care of an update with WDS Tool. My wii is PAL, on 3.2, with a D2pro v3 chip and HBC and starfall.

    The game starts up as it should, loads in the game channel and everything. But most of the time when i try to select a song in quick play, the loading screen comes on (the one where you see an arm with some sort of skeleton angel tattoo flapping its wings or whatever)...and it stays there. When i hold the on/off button in the top left corner of the wiimote, the screen goes black but the console itself still has a green light. i can eject the game, but nothing works untill i press and hold the on/off button on the console for 7-8 seconds, and the light goes red. Then i can reboot. The thing is, sometimes the game works fine. I didn't wanna mess with it too much, so i haven't been able to figure out if its some specific songs that won't work, or just random.
    My original GH 3 backup works, so does WT and another custom i've tried.

    I suppose the problem is due to a bad custom, but i was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions to what could cause this problem? A bad burn perhaps?

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    try it without converting it

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    try it without converting it
    Alright then. But will the game play as NTSC just like that, or will i have to do something else to make it run?

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    it should -,_-,

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    Alright then. I'll try it and get back to you.
    If anybody else has any suggestions, please keep posting.


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