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Thread: No channel Screen after adding WAD

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    No channel Screen after adding WAD

    OK so here is my problem i got a brand new softmodded wii 4.3u firmware, i installed HBC with USB Loader GX and everything was working fine with the games i had on my external usb hard drive. One thing i decided to do is add a channel for all the games i got on my USB hard drive using Wad manager so everything went fine except that after rebooting my wii it's now kind of half bricked. I mean that i got the first screen about the health and security warming and i able to press the A button on the wiio remote but after that i can hear the starting music of the system menu then nothing just a black screen.

    I am able to load the priiloader buy pressinf the reset button on the wii after the power button but i don't know what to do next. Another info is that i have a backup of the nand.

    Some help will really be appreciated.


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    Sounds like a banner brick, try using AnyTitle Deleter to remove the wads you installed and see if it boots afterwards.

    Put AnyTitle Deleter in SD/apps, load the Homebrew Channel via Priiloader, from HBC load ATD and navigate to the wad(s) you installed prior to bricking, then delete them.

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    Thanks a lot that fixed my problem !!!

    Now i have to find wich wad did that !


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