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Thread: Wii - VC/GG Aspect Ratio Issue

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    Wii - VC/GG Aspect Ratio Issue

    My Wii is set to 16:9 widescreen. As such, all VC and GC games are stretched to accommodate the aspect ratio. I set my Wii to 4:3 and lo and behold... the image is still stretched. Except this time, it's the Wii menu and Wii games that are stretched. What's curious is that my TV isn't set to it's "Zoom" or "Stretch" setting. Ordinarily when my TV broadcasts something that isn't natively 16:9 an artificial 4:3 aspect ratio is set by adding two black bars to either side of the picture. This is what my Wii did when I first connected it to my TV. After first setting my Wii to 16:9 I played a GameCube game and my TV displayed it in it's native 4:3 aspect ratio automatically. I had the genius idea to "Force Widescreen" in my USBLoader settings and since then I haven't been able to revert back. Now when I turn off "Force Widescreen", it is indeed off. The heat glitch in Wind Waker doesn't rear it's ugly head. However the image is still stretched on my TV in every display mode except 4:3. So here I find myself in a conundrum. Do I forcibly set my TV to 4:3 every time I play a VC or GC game? Or do I find a way to revert it to it's presumably original settings?

    That all said, here is the purpose of this thread. Firstly. (since there is always the chance for human error) I'd like to confirm if changing the Wii to widescreen does indeed force all VC/GC games regardless of TV or whether it's been modded and I'm just not remembering things correctly. If so, why then does my TV stretch the Wii menu and Wii games when set to 4:3? If not, could messing with the DM widescreen setting have had anything to do with the way the signal is being broadcast? I'm using the normal composite cables that came included in the Wii.

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    You have to actually change your TVs display yourself when play 4:3 games, my TV does this too.


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