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Thread: Ready to do this, but first, a few questions i cant find answers to!

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    Talking [Solved] Ready to do this, but first, a few questions i cant find answers to!

    Hello all, im new to the community and hope to become a contributing member!

    I'm fed up with my kids damaging wii games and me having to re-buy same games over and over. We own a wii for about 2 years now. I have read the forum and all the tutorials and im ready to get bussy with homebrew. But first i like to know:

    1. I know that installing new menus and uodating the wii after it has been softmooded could possibly result in the system been damage. ---- Is there a way in home brew to protect the system so that the kids cant perform updates and change settings on it, maybe like a password or something on the system settings?

    2. Will i still be able to take advantage of parental control on the system?

    3. Is it possible to rip games that have been moderately damage or semi scratch? Some of the games are FUBAR but other will actually run but at some point stop, can i still rip this games?

    4. My main goal is kids safety wile playing, is there a post or tutorial on this topic? im looking to protect my kids and the system, - i cant afford to be spending money on the same games (My kids like the games they have, about 20 of them) or a new console

    --- Thank you in advance to whoever takes the time to reed my post and help me out, Happy New Years! ---
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    1. It's in the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide. The utility is called Priiloader which can block online and disc-based updates.

    2. I presume, but am not qualified to answer this because I never use it.

    3. It might be best to take it to someone with one of those DVD surface polisher machines and have it ran through; then you'd be in better position to do this with likely better outcome. But sure, you can try as-is.

    4. These might help:

    The one below is incorporated in the one directly above, but might provide more detail to you (in terms of understanding):

    And if you really wanna limit the kids' access to the System Menu, then you'll like this one:

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    thanks on the response, that should do it! ,, i will be doing that tonight ! sheers !


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