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Thread: Help IDing IOS for Nickelodeon dance 2

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    Help IDing IOS for Nickelodeon dance 2

    Running wiiflow and got Nickelodeon dance 2 for the kiddos this Christmas. The dreaded update screen came up when the wife loaded the game. Luckily she did not upgrade. How do I go about identifying what IOS I need to load or what I need to do to get the game to play on the system?

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    You're speaking of playing the original disc on the disc channel, I take it? Just making sure, because if you're speaking of a backup on a softmod then it sounds like it's not a wiihacks softmod (where Priiloader is installed to block those updates).

    Teal'C used to have a guide here where he offered advice on finding out what IOS a game runs on, but it appears mothballed as the link is no longer valid.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, trying to play the disk on the channel. I will see what I can do in terms of getting the image on the HD and trying it out as well as see what Teal'c may have been going at in terms of a process.

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    Create dump of disc with usb loader

    Mount usb drive with Wii Backup Manager

    When it shows list of games on the drive, 1 column also lists game IOS.

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    Thanks guys, that is just what I needed. Worked like a charm after getting the image to the HD with USB Loader. Didn't need the IOS list after all.


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