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Thread: USB loading causing game glitches?

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    USB loading causing game glitches?

    I am sort of wondering if I am just crazy or if some of these random glitches are caused by USB loading.

    I have noticed in NSMB Wii
    1. Occasional/rare slow down. I have seen this on older systems plenty when there is too much going on, but does this happen on Wii? I don't recall experiencing this playing the game before I did the soft mod.
    2. My son said he went straight through a pipe (wall jumping for second star coin on worl 9-4) and died but I didn't see it. Also on 9-3 there is a platform that falls when you stand on it and rises otherwise....I jumped on it once and it sank off the screen and never came back up and we ended up being stuck in the level unable to proceed and had to kill ourselves and start over.

    In Wii sports
    1. I had a few issues where the buttons stopped responding and I was unable to select a Mii....this might have just been a controller issue since the kids played with some dirty hands.

    In Zelda Skyward Sword
    Actually was playing this off the retail disc because I could not get it to work from the loader with out randomly freezing....
    I experienced short loss of video....screen went seemed to still be playing and I think there was still sound. I have only seen this on this game after softmod....I was thinking maybe my component cables are going bad or something but it only has happened on this game a couple of times ( and wouldn't the color just get screwed up if it was the cables? All 3 video cables would have to mess up at the same moment for the screen to go black I think). It only lasted for 1 or 2 seconds...but of course in the middle of boss fights.

    I think I have seen some other weird things but these are the only specifics I remember at the moment.

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    Improper softmod, improperly configured loader(s), overheating, hardware failure --- those are just some scenarios I can think right off the bat.


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