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Thread: IOS51/Shop channel

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    IOS51/Shop channel

    Hey guys,

    Regarding ios51 and shop channel, do you need an active internet connection or network in order to get the update happening? That is, using the files contained in this tute by EmperorOfCanada.

    I was following the guide to try and install gamma and get tatsunoko vs capcom working~ ATM i am on 3.2e firmware, and have successfully completed the other steps prior to this one. Once i boot the ios51 installer thing it says "network intialising... " then "sorry i need to connect to a network to download the ios files" or something like that.....

    Anyway - i need the net to be connected to the wii to get ios51/shop thingy working????

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    A on 3.2 all it does is help the shop channel
    B the shop channel needs internet reguardless
    C yes you do

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    OK. So situation is - my wii is not hooked up to the net, nor do i plan on using the shop channel.... but do i need ios51 for the gamma launcher? Or should i just skip this step and instead just go straight into installing the gamma launcher??

    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorOfCanada View Post
    +Load "Install Shop IOS51". Say Yes to installing IOS51 and Yes to patching a fix but No to the Wii Shop Channel.

    +Load Wad Manager in Homebrew Channel and install:
    DjTaz_gamma_Loader.wad - This will give you a Gamma launcher channel. You can skip this if you prefer to launch backups from HBC or wish to install a different channel loader.

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    -shrugs- you know better than me obviously so i guess ill let someone with more experence help you out

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    Alright i got it working. Skipped that step. Thanks admiral victorinox, you were quick and helpful, sorry if i offended you with my thickness.


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