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Thread: Problem on 4.3E with USB Loader GX

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    Problem on 4.3E with USB Loader GX

    Hi all,

    i have recently soft modded my Wii, I am running USB Loader GX 3 and I formatted the hard drive to FAT32 and installed games into the drive... I had some ISO's on my computer so I wanted to put them on, I downloaded WBFS Manager which I then formatted the drive to WBFS and installed the games over again BUT....

    I can't access the drive when I plug it into my computer, only via WBFS Manager and it doesn't show the cover/box art on USB Loader GX but does in WBFS Manager?

    i checked the settings in USB Loader GX I went to custom paths and when I click on one I just get ERROR?

    Also it doesn't seem to save any settings? I have my settings config folder that was previously on the hard drive before I formatted it to WBFS

    If I format it back to FAT32 it is fine, is there any way to load the ISO's to play from USB Loader GX or does it HAVE to be done via WBFS Manager?

    thanks guys

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    PC will not recognise a WBFS formatted drive..... you can see it in Drive manager, but only access through wbfs manager or the like

    Try Wii backup manager in place of wbfs manager - I find it a little easier for fat32 usb drives.

    is your wii networked? usb loader gx will download and save box art to the sd card (hit 1 and select the box art you want)
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