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Thread: Priiloader Cant Autoboot Installed File (Usb Loader GX)

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    Unhappy Priiloader Cant Autoboot Installed File (Usb Loader GX)

    i just got done with this guide right here....

    i made sure i followed all the directions perfectly...and reading alot.

    everything seems good...just one problem....i cant autoboot usb loader gx.....i am doing this for my cousins kid that like to play alot of i just want the wii to start straight to usb loader all the kid has to do is pick his game.also i have a 2 gb sd card in the i need that just to go to usb loader gx????

    priiloader is v0.7 (r138)

    IOS v60

    Systemmenu v449

    if i posted in the wrong section..please move.. i am sorry

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    Download usb loader gx allinone package from usb loader gx website. Take the forwarder dol, place it in root of sd card. Install that file with Priiloader. Set it to autoboot.

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