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Thread: Every USB loader begins to load than resets the system

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    Every USB loader begins to load than resets the system

    Hello I am reaching out to this community tonight in hopes of ending my frustrations. A few months ago my cat knocked my Wii off of my entertainment center. Since than it has been very fickle about reading discs. So today I decided to homebrew it so I could run some backed up games. I used one of your awesome tutorials.
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    . Everything installed perfectly. I followed the fat32 guide to run backed up games. I am using a 16 gig sandisk formated in fat 32 and set as primary active. I loaded up about 5 games on it and put it in the Wii. Too my surprise I received the same problem from all of the following loaders usb loader gx, cfg loader, wiiflow and neogamma. They begin to load than the wii's cd rom makes a quick noise and it goes back to the wii home menu. So than I formatted the drive WBFS, using WBFS Manager 3.0. Reloaded all the games and I still have the same problem. So I figured it had to be the loaders. I deleted them all checked root files and reinstalled. The problem still persists. Any advice, tips or tricks you could offer would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    when a loader channel dumps you back to system menu it normally ends up being that the person didnt put app pack v4 on to the sd after the wad install, you did that right?
    i also think (but am not sure) that if your drive disc doesnt work at all the usb loaders wont either? something to do with getting a signal? someone jump in and confirm or refute plz
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    The drive in the wii doesn't need to be in the best working order to load from the usb.
    Where I'm confused is, that if you followed mauifrogs guide you would have the usb loaders on the sd card.
    When you say you put the sd card into the wii, with the backups on it, if you inserted the card into the wii, then none of the usb loaders would run.
    You would have to run a straight sd card thru a card reader plugged into the usb port on the back of the wii. (check for drive compatibility)
    Also, using any loader, you would have to install your legally owned game to the hard drive or flash drive, etc using your wii disk drive. (backups and games saves are different animals)

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    mpp, let's start by seeing that syscheck.

    Do you have the APPS directories on the SD card or just your games?

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