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Thread: Wii Shop Channel v20

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    Wii Shop Channel v20

    About a day or two ago. I tried to get NetFlix by going to the Wii Shop Channel, only to find out that it asked me for a update, which i cant do because my Wii is modded 4.2U. So i tried WAD Manager 1.7 and everything and i can only go so far off into it before my Wii Mote shuts off. So anyway i tried to see if i could do it on my own and i think i updated my Wii Shop Channel and now when i go to Wii Shop Channel i get a blue screen with "Error #002" and my Wii will freeze and ill have to power off then on again. This is the only issue im having. Does anyone know the solution to the problem? And just a reminder im also trying to get NetFlix on my Wii. I could really use some assistance right now please. Thanks! Also please message me if you want further details but i think i left them all here.

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    Seriously, stop making new threads for the same question...wait till someone helps you in your first thread.

    Thread closed.

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