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Thread: Update WiiMC & HBC

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    Update WiiMC & HBC

    Hi all and a Happy New Year, Please forgive the simpleton questions but I have many games I don't want to risk losing and I got my Wii when my son was just two, he scratched many of our games and DVD's so badly, that even my industrial-quality scratch repair machine can't fix them. I have soft-modded my 2nd unit, but this one was done by a "pro". BTW, I do have Priiloader installed but I don't know that it's functional so I'm not confident I can restore if I tank these updates.. It's currently HBC 1.03 and asking me to update to 1.10. The wad manager shows it has no wads, but I think there's at least IOS249 on the SD card. Boot install as IOS on boot 2 as I recall. WiiMC used to play my DVD's and movies I had on my 1 TB HDD, but now it plays nothing and a few of my games no longer work. I do have it wireless to my network. My question obviously is can I click "update" when it offers me HBC 1.10, do I simply remove the old WiiMC and install the latest version or should I do the HBC update offline (and can you?) Lastly, which IOS's do I need if any, other than 249? I know I can just do an entirely new install, but I'd rather not since all I need is to update WiiMC and update the HBC. Thank you so much...Enjoy the football games today...I'm goin' to Disneyland! (literally) Peace

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    As long as they are not installed as full channels you can simply update them via wi fi. If they are full channels you will need to install new channel wads. You have read enough around here to be able to figure this out

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    lol, "simpleton questions" --- you gotta love that!

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    Apologies, I began with "simpleton question" because I'm sure it was simple for most, I'm afraid I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed with Homebrew, but I do sincerely try. I spend hours reading posts, watching vids etc before I dare to bother you guys with even one "simple" inquiry. I wouldn't have troubled you with this one if I wasn't concerned about doing any kind of update while connected to the internet , potentially risking bricking my Wii. There was a time I could afford such mistakes, but I got run down by a Postal truck on my Ninja, 10 blown discs later and raising a 6 yr old while on disability, I can't risk losing everything. It appears the guy I paid to add HBC has files made to be clandestine, I guess so we'd need him again, he left town without telling me about my purchase. I'll try to limit my questions to more complex issues going forward. Thanks much.

    Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, right? I have to take alot of pain meds, some days I feel like my whole life feels like I'm staring at an Honors Trig textbook heh heh (-;/. Thanks for being good-natured about my aptitude for idiocy. Happy New Year.
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    I was simply appreciating your self-deprecating manner is all... was laughing with you, not at you

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