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Thread: Software update question

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    Software update question


    I've recently purchased two identical DSiXL's for my two boys. They have been operating as expected so far, but I have run into a question. When I performed a system update for both devices, only one of them has created a "DATA MANAGEMENT" choice in the system settings. Both devices, however, seem to be operating the latest OS (V1.45). I have tried to update the second device again to see if repeating the update procedure would install that option in the settings, but it hasn't and I am leery of doing anything more drastic like formatting the machine, which as i've read, seems pretty extreme and may lead to "bricking" the device. When repeating the update procedure, the device indicates that an update is available, but when it goes to install it through the wifi, it stops abruptly and states that the machine is already running the latest version.

    Do I even need this option? I would like it to perhaps store additional pictures and downloaded files onto an SDHC card in slot 2. Also, I am about to try out the R4i Gold 3DS Wood R4i 3DS Flash cart, but I don't think it will need this option as it requires an onboard micro SD card in Slot 1. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    That is odd. I wouldn't worry about it since you will be using a flashcart. R4i3ds is a great card too.


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